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What Makes Us Different

At FitPro Station, we are turning the fitness training world upside down. Many big box gyms charge exorbitant prices for personal training sessions, but the median wage of personal trainers in America is only $18. Something is wrong with that model. And the result is overpriced sessions with trainers who are not dedicate to your success.

FitPro Station connects people like you with local, independent fitness professionals. And we also provide premium gym space for your workouts. The result? Affordable rates and professionals who are committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

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Meet our FitPro's - independent professionals located in Sandy Springs

Conveniently located in Sandy Springs at the corner of Roswell Road and Abernathy Road

By the way, we think we're on to something. Something big! Click here to learn more about becoming an investor in FitPro Station.

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