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The Truth About Personal Training...

Here is the largest problem people face when they try to lose weight or build muscle – they don’t optimize their exercise routine and that results in quitting before they achieve their goals. 

And while that may seem like an easy problem to solve by simply staying committed, this solution alone usually fails because of the plateau effect. This helps explain why so many people are unhappy with their current physique.

The good news is that you can significantly increase your chances of getting in shape and staying in shape by working with an experienced professional – and it may not be as expensive as you think.

Here are a few key facts that are important to know if you are considering working with a fitness professional, and we've included data based research to back up these points.

1) People are more likely to make a true behavioral change when they exercise with a professional fitness instructor. That may seem intuitive, but we recommend you read the research yourself to see just how big of a difference this can make. Professional fitness instructors provide a layer of accountability to help keep you on track to achieve your goals. In addition, they are educated on the latest science to help you optimize your workouts to achieve your fitness goals faster.

2) You can receive all the benefits of a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost. Unlike large group classes that you see becoming popular, small group classes have an average class size of 3 to 4 participants allowing personal attention from the expert in the room while also sharing their cost. Finding small group training classes at convenient times has been a problem in the past, but with FitPro Station's shared workspace concept this is the ideal solution for many trainers.  Click this link to find a listing of small group training classes currently being offered.

3) The hidden cost of not working out might be much higher than you think. And we are not just talking about the gym membership you pay for but never use. The cost of healthcare in America is high and getting higher. The good news is that you can reduce your chances of being diagnosed with multiple illnesses by making simple lifestyle choices including exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet. Regular exercise can help prevent and manage diabetes.  Regular exercise is linked to reduced instances of heart disease.  And regular exercise can help ward off depression. One last point to make here is related to the cost of an exercise injury. Working with a trained professional reduces your chances of getting injured during exercise, and one injury resulting in doctors bills and physical therapy could outweigh the cost of a personal trainer for the entire year. 

4) Personal trainers offer so much more than personal training. Certified trainers are educated on the latest science related to weight loss and muscle growth. They design customized exercise programs to meet the needs of your body. And many professional trainers also hold other certifications and are able to deliver customized diet programs and lifestyle change coaching. And the best news is you can get all of this value while sharing the hourly cost with small group training.

5) Lastly, what is the value of positive body image?​ According to this article, "A positive body image contributes to enhanced psychological adjustment (less depression, positive self-worth, life satisfaction, less interpersonal anxiety, fewer eating disorders)." One of the most significant results from regular exercise with a fitness professional is the psychological effects of feeling healthier and being happier with your body. Many of us who struggle with our weight know the daily burden this can place on your self esteem.

And there you have it. To recap we've touched on research showing the positive effects of regular exercise on our health and happiness, we've highlighted the key problems with going it alone on your fitness journey, and we've pointed out how the costs of not exercising regularly can easily outweigh the cost of hiring a personal trainer. Hopefully we have demystified why it seems so hard to get in shape and provided you with the information you need to make an educated decision on how best to achieve your fitness goals.  

We hope you found this article helpful.  If you would like to find a list of experienced fitness professional serving the Atlanta area, please click here.  And we hope you'll check out our small group fitness schedule and find a class that is right for you.

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