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FitPro Station

Shared Work Space for Fitness Professionals

Studio Rentals: Welcome

Our Story

At FitPro Station, we are changing the personal training industry for fitness professionals. Our goal is to offer fitness space for rent at multiple locations throughout the Atlanta area so that you can train wherever your clients are. And with our low hourly rates, you can focus on providing best in class service to your clients without breaking the bank.

For more information on membership and pricing, click the button below.

Studio Rentals: About
Aerobics Class

Gym Rentals

Increase your earnings and provide a professional experience to your clients with FitPro Station. Each station is designed to comfortably fit one to two clients. You can rent a single station for a single client or rent multiple stations for small group training - we have flexible options to meet your needs.  We also plan to offer group fitness rooms for training larger groups in the near future.

Crossfit Class


All stations are fully stocked with high-end equipment including adjustable benches, free weights, medicine balls, kettle bells, plyometric boxes, BOSU balls, battle ropes, TRX Suspension Training Systems and more. Everything you need to provide best in class service to your clients. And since each rental comes with dedicated equipment, you can focus on your clients without guarding weights.

Personal Trainer Stretching Session

Flexible Booking

With multiple locations and easy booking tools, coordinating with your clients' schedules is a breeze. Reservations can be booked from your computer, tablet or phone.

Studio Rentals: Training


Our flat rate pricing program is designed for simplicity and to maximize your profits.  Each station is available in half hour increments for $9 ($18 per hour).

With our flat-rate pricing program, you never have to lock into a long term commitment - pay as you go.

Fitness Instructor

Personal Training

Book as many consecutive sessions as you need in 30 minute increments for training one to two clients at a time.

Fitness Class

Small Group Fitness

Rent the entire studio for small group fitness classes of up to ten clients.

Studio Rentals: Membership

Do the Math

The table below shows examples of your profit potential with FitPro Station.  Keep in mind, we won't ever make you sign a non-compete clause or tell you what to charge your end clients because they are just that - your clients.  

*Calculations below are based on a one hour training session at our Sandy Springs Location.

Sandy Springs Profit Potential.png
Studio Rentals: About Us

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Click the button below for more information on membership and pricing. Contact us with any questions or to schedule a personal tour of the facility.  And be sure to fill out the form below to stay in the loop on new locations.

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